Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Benny Hinn good news ?

Apparently he is on his way to Cape Town. The miracle man, in the white suit, arriving in his private jet. Is he good news ? Or is it a case of just another stop on a whirl-wind, world-wide tour.

Benny Hinn has of late, been embroiled in a few controversial situations and certainly amongst some commentators, he is perhaps not the most appropriate embodiment of the message of Jesus Christ. If Jesus came to proclaim liberation to the oppressed, sight to the blind and the good news to the poor, i.e. radical socially relevant messages, what are we to make with the image of a millionaire religious tycoon, whose aim seems to be to make a buck, out of the faithful, i.e. fleecing the flock, so to speak.

Others might see Hinn, as a man of God, for he moment. That's why they invite him, pay for his expenses and let him loose on their flock. He is an instrument in Gods hand and brings healing, miracles and salvation to the sick, the lost. For them, Hinn embodies what God can do, for us all. Secretly they pray to God for a miracle...just to be like evangelist Benny. Nothing wrong with that, one should think.

Perhaps it would be wise to monitor the situation and try to study the impact of his ministry, his teachings and see whether Benny Hinn is good news. After all, the Bible teach us to 'discern the spirits'

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