Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's still our time (?) Feel it, it is still here.

The last day of the SoccerWorld cup is hours away. Again, from all accounts it seemed like a success. Of course, this depends on what you count: the number of trophies or the bankaccount. How else are we to measure success?

For followers of Jesus, there has to be a difference. Not for the sake of difference, but because I think, Jesus looks differently at the world. Jesus would perhaps not be so impressed with the stadiums, the roads nor the hospitality packages. Perhaps he would have looked at the kind of relationships that have developed, in the course of this spectacle. If anything, he would have perhaps be at work in changing perceptions, in healing our eyes. Many of us can concur, we see differently. We can see stuff that we never imagined and it does something to our hearts. Its however not easy to clarify this relationship between our eyes and our hearts. We can also to say. We feel stuff that we've never felt and therefore we see things and others we see differently. This is grace. Perhaps, this is the reason for this season...for this time, our time.