Thursday, October 28, 2010

all smoke and mirrors, church meetings, missional ?

How is your churchboard meetings? Is it stiffy smoke-filled meetings around an oak table with a multimedia display ? It it a group of middleaged to older men, in black suits and white ties ? Is it an informal gathering around the coffee table at the house of one of the members, or in the coffeeshop during a lunchbreak?

The kind of setting, the formation, the rituals that goes along with the gathering, say a lot about the context of the faith community, but also the style of ministry. The question is however whether it say something about the missional identity ?

It seems that missional identity is something deeper, then simply being a reflection of the context and the change of style. A missional identity evolves over time, in line with the community's sensitivity to what God is doing. Hence the local dynamocs will play in, but it will not merely be a reflection of the context, it will also engage the context, as God is engaging that context. This will eventually have implications for the style, but not merely as a mirror to the life-world of the followers of Jesus.

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Thomas Scarborough said...

How is the backdrop of your blog? Is it a stuffy smoke-filled room with an oak table and multimedia display? It it a group of middleaged people, in black suits and ties? Is it an informal gathering around the coffee table at somebody's house? Or is it an antique telephone with an outdated TV set? Does this say something about your missional identity ... ?

(Well, this is the first thing that came to mind when I read the post ... !) ;-)