Friday, May 14, 2010

a new time for ordinary people, like fishermen

One of the themes for this years season of Pentecost, is God's new era for ordinary people. These reflections on the gospel of St Luke focus on various disciples. Last night we started reflecting on the fact that Jesus called fisherfolk to be his disciples.

This choice we realised is significant, as he did not go for the religious people-he went for the hardliving guys. As story was shared in the guidelines on how fishermen would not flinch at death and be ready to defend their lives, with violence if need be. This reminded me of something that was said by Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple. He said that we are at our most creative best, when we live in the face of death. Not sure what it means, but it seems like those kind of disciples have faced fear every day...a little fear of failure or the opinions of people, would perhaps count for nothing.

Another insight is the idea that Jesus calls these guys to follow him and then take them into the deep sea. Often we think of fish and those things as a life in a fish tank. We would look after the fishtank, yet its safe, controlled, etc. Here, we are talking about something different... deepsea fishing, something more dangerous, yet more rewarding.

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