Thursday, June 04, 2009

Spam and blog control

We've been hit by spam and have decided to review our 'open door policy'. All your comments are still welcome ! However, in order for us to maintain a deep and constructive dialogue, we will moderate comments for the sake of keeping focus, but also, keeping the dignity of the conversation.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sharing communion together: URCSA and DRC

Last Sunday, the two congregations, Vergesig NG Kerk and the Riverlea URCSA, had a joint communion, as a conclusion of the season of Pentecost. In a context where it seems as if churches struggle to find each other, this seems significant.

URCSA's General Synod recently called for a moratorium on unity processes and discussions at General Synodical level. This moratorium was qualified, in allowing for other levels of church to continue with processes of authentic unification, on the basis of the Confession of Belhar. In a joint workshop recently members of the two church councils discussed this confession and it was clear that both affirmed the Confession of Belhar as the basis for the process. Hence the sharing of the communion together and the witness in a time of struggle for healing and reconciliation.

We can only hope that this would, in time, be seen as a critical building block in the on-going journey towards authentic witness... in evolving African communities.