Thursday, September 17, 2009

Joseph succeeded because he forgave

That's so simple, isn't it? Yet, its so difficult. Sunday's word by Malin Fisher, candidate for ministry from our Riverlea community, still keeps us talking.

Fisher, reflected on Gen 45, reading the text in context. He focussed on how Joseph, (the Muslims would call him Yusuf) could overcome the odds stacked against him, by forgiving those that hurt him deeply in his life, in particular his own brothers. Why was it possible for him to have this spirit of forgiveness ? He was able to see God's bigger picture- he was able to see God's plan.

Many times we struggle to succeed in life because of the past. Some-one said this or that to me, others unfairly discriminated against me. These experiences becomes the basis upon which I judge myself and my potential for success. More-so, many times I become obsessed with these hurts and resentment. I nurture them. In order to be free from these shackles, we should not wait for others to some and repent or show remorse-Joseph took the initiative, called his brothers together and forgave them, blessed then with gifts and released them. This liberation was not only critical for the brothers, but also for Joseph. He was freed from a victim-mentality, from an oppressed-self image, to being a new person... not oppressor nor oppressed; not victim nor perpetrator... he was a free human being.


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