Thursday, May 14, 2009

S A Council of Churches warn: “You reap what you sow”.

Statement by SACC on spat amongst political leaders:
The S A Council of Churches (SACC) is perplexed by the recently reported statements made by political leaders in the ANC Alliance (Youth League, MK Veterans Association and COSATU) and Democratic Alliance (DA). These statements are in such bad taste that one would not want to repeat them. It is noted that such “politics of disgrace” started during the build up to the elections campaign. The SACC then already warned against this practice and called for restraint.

It is rather sad that now when the people of South Africa ought to celebrate and give thanks (to God) for the peaceful and historic elections and the appointment of new political administrations we are exposed to political mud-slinging. Such behaviour can only be interpreted as expressions of political intolerance and immaturity. South Africa deserves better than this.

The SACC calls on all involved (within the DA and ANC) to with immediate effect STOP this disgraceful behaviour. We are committed to respecting each other and expect our political leaders to set an example in demonstrating tolerance and respect.

Whoever has been elected (and appointed) in government must be reminded that they are responsible to serve the interest of the entire South African people. The electorate and citizenry are looking at you with great expectation, particularly within the global economic crisis. All political leaders are expected to lead by example and to help rebuild the morality that will make us all to be proud citizens of our beloved country.

Millions of poor and unemployed people went to the polls because they pin their hopes, their fears and their aspirations on responsible and democratic leaders. We strongly reject this situation where political mud-slinging is the order of the day, instead of the real concerns of people. Let us all and particularly those in authority remember that “we reap what we sow”.
There are more millions of people in Africa and around the world that envies South Africa. We have to guard the image that was build with the blood and sacrifice of ordinary people with extra-ordinary commitments to a free South Africa. We have to reconsider the messages that we send to those who will inherit our legacies. We will be remembered by what we said and what we did.
Let us therefore do what is just, what builds peace and what we can all be proud of. Let us demonstrate mutual respect, reminding ourselves that ‘we are what we are because of other people’. May God the Almighty grant us the gifts to serve in humility.
Eddie Makue
General Secretary
S A Council of Churches
Tel. +27 11 241 7817
Fax. +27 11 492 1448
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Steve Hayes said...

If the SACC could be politicians to stop slinging mud at each other, that would be a miracle indeed.