Wednesday, May 20, 2009

congregational cell experience are life-enriching

I had a remarkable cell-experience last night. Our faith community is actually a community of communities, where cells and other smaller interest groups, function as small spaces for interaction, spiritual growth and change.

They ( the leaders of the cell) called me to be part of this experience, late in the day(!) yet I managed to move some other appointments to a later slot. I think I made the right decision. In the house the extended family awaited us, with some members of the cell, young people, parents and children already gathered. We were all taken aback by the numbers- but it was warm and comfortable, informal. The leader opened and together we reflected on the story of the merciful Samaritan, with some rich interaction between members, young and not-so-young. There was a time of prayer, (fervent ones for sure!)also for the needs of the household (the extended family again) and some refreshments and further fellowship afterwards, which I missed due to the other appointments ;-(

Upon reflection, I realized how blessed I was by the interaction, the warmth and the people. Even if we didn't pray (which we did) it was deeply spiritual... and that was touching the divine, I think. Sometimes we thank God, for touching us; this time I thank the people, who made me to touch God, in a real way.

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