Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zuma's mistaken claim that God is on their side

Churches and faith leaders need to come out stronger to distance themselves from the claim of the ANC president, Jacob Zuma that God is on their side. Apparantly he appeared again at a church service, of sorts, asking for prayer and then, with 'church leaders' on his side, he made this bold claim.

We have said it at another post, that we should applaud and welcome polititians, who, in prayer and their membership to a church, seek their wisdom from God and who keep a deep commitment within a church. This is critical for accountability, but also for faith and moral formation. Churches need to do even more to form public leaders. Our faith and theology, as our public leadership, falls under the governance, the reign of God. On the question how we need to understand it in a real way, opinions will allways differ and within the sphere of party politics, it will also be a matter of contest and compromise. The outcome of these cabnnot be simplistically deducted to be God's endorsement of us as a party or me as a poltical leader.

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