Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stories of hope-giving communities in Southern Africa

For the next few days, the Southern African Missiological community will gather in Potchefstroom, and reflect on hope. In particular, they will look at hope-giving communities. On the website of SAMS the name of this community it is asked from presenters to do the following: "Perhaps a child of six knows what hope is (to broaden what Martin Luther said about the church). But perhaps it is more complex than that. We do not wish to prescribe how you should understand hope, but we ask you to explain in your presentation – as an integral part of your story – what kind of hope it is that they are giving to their community. So please reflect on the nature of hope as part of your presentation; do not simply assume that everyone knows what hope is. Please ask (in your preparation) whether hope-giving is a one-way movement or whether the “hope-givers” also get hope from the communities in which they are living and working."
We will post summaries of these hope-giving stories here on a regular basis, for the next few days, contributing to our quest for a future.

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