Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Praying for the stars

A time ago, we all laughed when one youngster in our church, who suggested that we must pray for Whitney Houston. It sounded like the aunty asking prayer for JR on Dallas.

This prayer request however came in the context of our reflection on the mission of the church, when popstars like Busta Rhymes could prowl the stage boasting about the good weed he found in Kzn, etc. Many older Christians responded with condemnation -we should ban Busta and Snoop from SA. Look at Whitney and R. Kelly, they would talk about God and then, they would be caught with their pants down. Its at this point where our youngster (who later indicated that he is contemplating a career in music) suggested that we should rather pray for Whitney-trusting God for her healing. On further reflection it made us think and realize underneath the cosmetics and the myth, that these are real people, with human needs.
Which brings us to people like Brittany Spears and the like.

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