Saturday, January 19, 2008

De Villiers' inspirationals

Sportspeople and their faith draw curious responses from their fans. Reading about the new Bok coach's booklist (John Maxwell, Solly Ozrovech and the Bible) and musictaste (gospel) in the You-magazine, it indicate that Peter de Villiers draws inspiration from his faith. A few month ago, after their Super 14 victory, the antics from Bulls erratic utilityback J v/d Westhuizen and Victor Mattfield, angered fans and foes, brandising t-shirts, with Jesus is King on it.Former Bafana coach, Lukas Radebe is another inspiration. It was however felt that its fine to be 'religious' as long as you keep it for yourself. Of course, the other question is: do you pray for victory or attribute your victory to Jesus Christ. Is it cool for ministries like SCAS or Athletes 4 Christ, to use the glory of succesful sportspeople as 'bait' for evangelism? Interestingly, de Villiers' opposition for this top job, Heyneke Meyer is also not shy of his faith in Jesus Christ and is known amongst players he coached, as an inspiration. This is also not only a SA thing, with 'born agains' amongst boxing evangelists (not Mike Tyson), mean Southsea rugbyteams and Brazilian soccerstars, the most recent being Kaka, FIFA's player of the year,

Maybe it would be wise to concure that sportspeople draw their inspiration from various wells (in the cases mentioned from their Christian faith), but that sport is also a means of celebrating Gods gifts and talents to us, our bodies, minds, health, etc, maybe even a medium of worship. But then our faith also sustains us in our failures, injuries and woes, like Pierre Spies or even Luke Watson, Shaun Bartlett and retiring Pollock. The key thing to our faith-ful stars,would be to carry your wins and looses with dignity and wisdom; to be conscious of the fact that their conduct on and off the field will either bear out their testimony or contradict it, win or loose.

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