Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Humour of God

Douglas Lawrey, once preached in Stellenbosch that many times we think of God and holiness only in terms of serious deep 'issues' to be dealth with. We are so aware of our holiness when we cry and we sing 'tears are the language God understands'. Funerals are the most favourite church events, ecclipsing Sunday morning 'celebrations' Why ? Maybe part of this answer is that we don't see the humor of God, God simply doesn't make jokes and April fool's Day is simply 'wêrelds'. This Sunday, 1 April ( April's fools day) Prof Danny Titus will speak on these issues... but as a start what do you think about these questions?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Youth elections

Another significant development is the elections of the new CYM branch executive. I think we can announce that the following young people were elected:
Chairperson: Marcel Buys
Vice chair: Christal Coetzee
Secretary: Hubert Mogaecho
Assist secret: Sadie Buys
Treasurer: Shandre Louw
Chaiperson (Outreach) Shane Louw
Chairperson(Arts & Culture) Jamie Faser
Chairperson (Rec & Fun) Keanen Buys

All the best for the new CYM Executive for 2007-8

40th launch-the legacy !

It was so refreshing/reforming to hear (experience) the stories and reflections from our people yesterday. Our community has been blessed with such a rich heritage and the word that came up time and time again was 'legacy'. It would be risky to anticipate what the contours of a collective/social identity of our community is, but it would be critical to try to pick up the themes of these. Who are we now, who have we been, where do we come from and where are we going ? What are the values that are important to us- when we are together, but also, what are those things that people from the outside recognise us with. Do they recognise us by our buildings, by what we do inside these buildings or by the 'jeugbrigade' marching the streets?
What is your experience, your story ?

Monday, March 12, 2007

what a weekend !!

What a weekend !
Young leaders all over the building, being trained, equiped, challenged. The Saturday had about 70 young people being groomed for being chairperson, secretary and treasurers. The Sunday we had young people from our neigbours praising and worshipping with us. It was blast to the future and very hopeful !
Thanks for the executive of the CYM for organising it - Marcel, Chrizzy, UB, Shane and Dezza.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Youth leadership conference

The youth leadership conference is coming up. Exiting speakers are on the cards like Brendan Ficks, Natasha Felix and of course Chris Coetzee.
Brendan will speak on being a chairperson, Natasha on secretary and Chris on the treasury.
i think we will have to zoom in on quality, cutting the edge and leading the pack ( being prophetic) instead of the usual trying to mirror corporate world - equating succes with numbers and size. Their are key areas we need to put our mind to and these need to be unpacked and explored. May the youth encourage us all....prophetically

Caring and Community

Some brilliant stuff are being worked in the cluster working on crafting a strategy for Care and Community. At a meeting on Monday night they workerd on the councelling, poverty database and further stategies to be rolled out later in the month. The launch date will be 18 March 2007.