Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reformation Sunday

What does it mean to be Reformed ? We are a community that comes from various Christian traditions: Pentecostal, Charismatic, Methodist, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Anglican, you name it. What does it mean to be part of a faith community that (still?) use 'Reformed' as part of our name ? Maybe many of us don't think of it, maybe what is relevant for us, is the experience and friendships that shapes our faith commitments, today. Research with various faith communities, confirms this perspective and goes on to suggest that people, these days, don't really care about the denominational label and the history behind it, what matters is relevance and authenticity. The danger however lurks that we sell and loose our soul for relevance-many times in the pursuit of units (numbers)and dollar$. The essence of Reformed churches, as powerfully portrayed in the movie, Luther, lies in the centrality of Scripture, in the hands of every believer. The reading and interpretation of the Scriptures is not the prerogative of certain specially-hallowed class of saints- we affirm the priesthood of all believers, and therefor the church and the formations of what it means to be church will always remain in a state of reformation...Some might talk of 'vernuwing' (renewal), others Africanization, democratization or even revolution or transformation; within the light of a re-reading of becomese Reformation... may we keep on reforming... ecclesia semper reformanda.

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