Monday, August 27, 2007

Youth explosion

Yesterday, we experienced a bit of a youth explosion. What do I mean ? Maybe it was more then a youth explosion- it impacted children and young people, parents and older people. I would think that Saturday night started this outpouring. I got an SMS from, sis Lorna that she felt God telling her that she need to clothe the sanctuary with colours of anointing. In the meantime, so I heard from Marcel, the youth were still sharing and spending time together after a powerful program lead, by Hubert. The morning at the 'Dankbare harte' slot, Hubert stands up and share how God intervened in his job situation, Deon (Narra) followed, Linda Titus br Mike and Lorna. We could sense the presence of the Holy Spirit- something was about to happen. As pastor, I tried to contain it - after all I still had a sermon, 'from the Lord'. After a worship and prayer, when we opened our eyes Verna was standing there, ready to share Jeremiah 1:4-10- 'Don't say I am too young or I cannot speak'... and then... one after the other God started to release voices from all over- Demi, Ethan, Janile, Beauty, Keannon, Narra and Hubert again, Beverley, Sade, br Leonard, ... it just came down... We then felt the need to intercede and pray (oom Frank's input) for more release. In no time it was flooded in front with living bodies, tears and intercession for friends and family, for our community. At the end, the church were encouraged by Maxine (13 years old), reading from 1 Peter 4, charging us to stand firm, in the face of persecution. ( I had to close 'my sermon' for God's sermon)

My take on it is simply: I had the sense that last week already God was already at work, what happened then already opened up space for healing and release, but also the past few months where older mentors, the current exec were setting the foundation for this outpouring. I would venture to say that there is more to come...Just see what God is doing through these young Jeremiah's

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