Monday, August 06, 2007

Women's month and so forth...

Benita announced Women's month program. It would be significant if we could have the impact of women filter through everything that happens in our faith community. It remains however crucial to remind ourselves and to celebrate the role of all our women, young and old.

So, what's up in our neck of the woods (concrete jungle)? On Thursday, 09 Aug at 14h00 Linda Titus will continue with the program from a recent Women's Retreat. The focus will be on dealing with trauma. On Sunday, the service will be dedicated to our women and on the 18th August, 09h00-16h00 we will host a women's conference by the Women on our cohort of communities in Joburg-South and Soweto.

Some other stuff:
01 Sept: Kainos Concert....
08 Sept: Breakfast... Cell 4

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