Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Confirmation, Celebrating growth

Our recent conformation were so blessed- we are still celebrating this, because, I think that we as a church should celebrate what God is doing amongst us. One of the significant things for me is the fact that many of these new younger members were in fact allready serving in some of the ministries of our local church- this is indication of their commitment. Yes, I know the feeling and almost general consensus that usually these young people 'vanish' aftre a few weeks, but I would hold that this is not necesarily an indication of their unfaithfullness, but rather generally speaking merely a reflection on the kind of commitment that they see amongst us as church - but also adults. There is however a deeper reality that we need to me reminded of: our young people are also children of their time, hence their understanding of faith, church and being a christian might be challenging our understandings, which (maybe) are rooted in a different context and lifeworld. Am I saying that they then need to be accomodated differently and treated differently. Am I justifying the fact that they sometimes leave the church and walk out ? No, I am simply saying that they are an essential and integral part of this (vulnerable and sometimes broken) body, hence their unique theology and contributions are an embodying welcome.... which signal also the living, regenerating, yes, growing praise God !