Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Women's Day, 2006

Reflecting on Women's Day as a male ( I've added my face) is in a dangerous exercise. I am aware that I stand to impose my experiences and frames of references on this reflection. It might be read as patronising and so forth... maybe it is. It is however refreshing to share it out in the open to be challenged. Like Klippies would end of his Ascension Day paper/meditation "I hope that many of you will disagree with me". Nevertheless, my reflections: Many women in our churches are still domesticated by the dominant male ideology and thinking- even our younger teenagers. It seems as if the idea that 'A women needs a man' according Ray Parker Jnr in the eighties is still alive and kicking. Am I saying that the time of relationships between women and men are over ? We dont need each other ? No ! I am saying that it seems as if a new basis for this relationhsip is emerging, where the strengths of each of the partners and gender have to be affirmed as an intergral part of strenthening the relationship. Unless, we are all liberated to share fully and equally in the relationship and on this basis in any sphere of life, we are all prone to be in a weaker position. I am still amazed and embarrest at the reality that at a meeting last night of the "Ring" only 1 woman delegate were present. This is the sign of a faith community that is weak, that is narrow and shallow. We need depth, breadth and strength that comes from a cultivating and tapping into the wealth of diversity. This is for me the route to growth. I'm however not so sure that the way women's day is being advertised and carried will open up these possibilities. It carries too much the burden of 1954 and is less contextualised in 2006.... That's why it speaks less to the women of today, its more nostalgia than releasing stength, depth or breadth

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

From the Church Board

We met last night and the following stuff were discussed and I suppose can be posted

  • We'll be praying more for the war in the Middle East. Our cell2 has been discussing the situation and praying for peace. There will come a discussion with groups like Jews for Christ, bur also our sisters and brothers from the Lebanon (Beirout) to support one another. Fellowhips is much more than merely drinking coffee together as members of one congregation. we are much more than this. Also check out the letter from a brother in Beirout at
  • The Amazing (G)race will start at Compassionate Sunday, with groups, families and cells serving the Amazing grace. we can serve in our one community, anywhere in the and the Amazing race will be announced at the workship 1 Oct 2006.
  • Youth camp 22-25 Sept .... for all the young people
  • Sundayschool is dead... Long live the ministry of and with children. From 19 August we will start to have ministry for and with children and move a way from the old "Sundaychool paradigm". We hope to see our children grow in maturity of faith. Details will follow... se keep watching this space...

Well, Personally I think it was a solid prophetic time together... pity we only had sweets (thanks Bev) and no coffee... but that's all folks !

Monday, August 07, 2006


Check out the following for the week:
Cell meetings

Heartlines... come and toalk about it with the young people on Saturday, 12 August @ 6pm
Women are leading the service on Sunday....

All for now..