Monday, January 23, 2006

Week of prayer and planning

This is just a thought

The week of prayer is starting tonight and it would be nice if we could be quiet with the idea of listening to God. Listening and reflection, leading to the planning and reforming our church. hence the theme for the week:
God in your grace transform the world
This theme slots in with the theme of the World Council of Churches that will be explored in February this year in Brazil, Porto Alegre. I will focus on HIV/AIDS with the AIDS task team of the Cape and we need to explore the question whether it is critical for us as a congregation to deal with it. If we dont do something about it, I think it simply means at this stage that we dont consider it that important. So lets see what is happening out there in the field..... in our community

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Open up the doors en let the music play

This is the open door for the Alpha Christian Community. I opened this blog so that we can al least on a daily basis be in touch and reflect on our growing community. So, there you have the goal:
to be in touch and reflect on our growing community.
Obviously we cannot be in touch physically all the time or even geographically in the same place., so in touch refers to being on the same hymnsheet, on the same level or at least to hear each others thoughts. 'Our growing community' is also defined by this understanding of 'being in touch'... not defined by proximity or blood or 'lokasie', rather by a common commitment to share a common reflection process.
Where am I now ? Not just at my desk on a Saturday afternoon... not relevant anymore, but at the point of 'herkou'-ing about Jesus' response to a guy who lived with the stigma and rejection and oppression of the day and who asked Jesus... If you want to, please make me clean. I read these profound words in Mark 1:41 (NIV) " Filled with compassion, Jesus reach out his hand and touched the man. "I am willing" he said. Gee, I am still chewing on this ... filled with compassion, filled with compassion.... What do people see in me, in us as...